Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd. O/A Class 1A Truck Driver Training.
Class 1A - Mandatory training coming for drivers of semis used in agriculture operations
Class 1A - Class 1A Truck Driver Training is the longest running school in Saskatchewan
Class 1A - 3A(M) Automatic Training starting at $1850 - $2350

*We will not be beat in course value and dollars*

Melt Program

New mandatory standardized training requirements for those wanting a Class 1 commercial license in Saskatchewan to drive semi trucks featuring a minimum 121.5 hours (4 to 5 weeks) of training (in-classroom, in-yard, and behind the wheel).

1 Week 3A(F) Endorsement

Designed for clients with previous experience shifting and double-clutching on diesel-powered units such as Highway Tractor, Tandem Gravel, and so on.

1.5 Week 3A(F) Endorsement

Past experience dictates that this program usually caters to clients who have, for example, been involved with farming or construction type work with lots of experience driving Tandem Axle Grain and Gravel Trucks, possibly limited time on diesel powered units.

2 Week 3A(F) Endorsement

Here we start to get into the area of uncertainty, simply because this is all new. Fear not! In certain circumstances people who have no experience can do as well or better as some with experience; this is generally achieved because of natural ability or a more open-minded approach.

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