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One Week Program

Designed for clients with previous experience shifting and double clutching on diesel-powered units such as Highway Tractor, Tandem gravel, and so on.

Generally speaking people who do well in this time frame have a good understanding of double clutching up and down the gear box, they usually have been driving for a number of months or years with a learner's license or have been practising on their own units, such as a farmer who has his or her own trucks and trailers. Highway driving is usually more common and the in-city driving portion is not commonly challenged. A decent understanding of vehicle mechanics and some basic working knowledge of the air-brake system are also a good pre-requisite.

Please be aware that anyone can sell you what you want to hear, but it is best for both parties to be fair and book for a time frame that is relevant to your experience and needs.

  • All programs booked over one week's duration are optional and are able to be booked on a tentative basis (which simply means you are not committed financially or any other way to attending longer than you choose to), due to the fact that we, along with you, can never really say how long it is going to take until you get in and start executing the necessary tasks.
  • Commonly people will often say, "Wow! I did not realize there was this much stuff to know."
  • It is for these reasons that we suggest if you think you are a One Week student, book for two, or if you are thinking of booking for two weeks, book for three. It is much easier to cancel the extra week than to try and squeeze in an extra week at the last minute.

Considering that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death in North America, driving is still one of the most taken for granted things that we do, and one of our least educated exercises. Please consider this training course as a means of possibly saving your life along with your family's, friends's, and other motorists's.

Driving is the one common thing that we all do on a day-to-day basis.

Two Week Program

Past experience dictates that this program usually caters to clients who have, for example, been involved with farming or construction type work with lots of experience driving Tandem Axle Grain and Gravel trucks with gas-powered engines or possibly limited time on diesel-powered units pulling various combinations of trailers, generally with 5&2 transmissions. Double clutching is usually vague, but has been executed and usually only works going up the gear box but not down (sound familiar?). This course has been popular for a number of reasons, but caution is advised to book yourself honestly; it is always easy to assume you know lots but best to start with an open mind. We strongly encourage people who are at all questioning this program to think about the next course.

Areas of unknown concern can be Class 5 bad habits. Everyone is guilty of this, it's just to what degree you are!

Three Week Program

Here we start to get into the area of uncertainty, simply because this is all new. Fear not! In certain circumstances people who have no experience can do as well or better as some with experience; this is generally achieved because of natural ability or a more open-minded approach. Primarily though, people who take this or longer programs simply need more time. Everything is new: double clutching, shifting, combination units, trailers, air-brakes, pre-trips, post-trips, coupling, uncoupling, S-turns, and so on.

Lots of people and schools comment on pass/fail rates; this is a very number-oriented game and can be bent to fit anyone's motives or selling needs. Passes and fails can be as simple as the best student from a handling and driving of the truck standpoint could go down and fail a road test simply because he forgets to make a complete stop on a red light prior to a right turn (a bad habit). The next student could take the road test and happen to hold it together long enough to slip through the test, yet until that time was not able to complete a full gear pattern without having to stop and start over, and yet still passes (don't be the latter).

Additional weeks or hours of training may be sought by a student if required due to lack of experience and knowledge involving highway trucks and trailers (please call).

Other Programs

Air-brake training is included in all of our full courses but can be sought out as an individual program. People needing air-brake endorsements only are usually companies for safety training reasons, oil patch, fire fighters, heavy equipment operators, motor homes, or single-axle vehicles on air-brake systems.

Pre-trip and Post-trip programs are also included in our full courses but may be required as an upgrade program for company safety reasons or simply clarifying correct and current procedures.

Individual training programs can be sought out for these and many others by simply calling our office.

On Job Training

On Job Training (OJT) is a program that places new drivers in real-world situations with the hopes of the student finding full time employment with the company that we are hauling for. The contents of the actual haul and destinations vary due to seasons, product availability, and transport needs, thus programs are designed and varied on a consistent and ever-changing basis. Students may opt for this training before or after the course is complete, but achieving a Class 1A license is a must. Booking ahead is much better due to prerequisites that may be needed, i.e. driver's abstracts, drug tests, sleeping arrangements, criminal clearance checks, and so on. Please contact us for more information and to see if you may qualify (results have been fantastic).

Training Program Content

  • Starting and Stopping
  • Parking
  • Signalling
  • Pre-trip/Post-trip
  • Speed
  • Air-brake Training
  • Shifting/Splitting and Double Clutching
  • Coupling/Uncoupling
  • Proper Gear Selection
  • Grid Road, Highway, and City Driving, with an emphasis on City Driving
  • Backing Procedures, Two and Three-Point Turns
  • Left and Right Turns, S-turns, Straddling, Blocking
  • Lane Changing and Road Position, Passing and Being Passed
  • Intersections
  • Right of Way
  • Traffic Lights

Depending on program length and skill levels, other areas can and will be discussed:

  • Log Books
  • Scaling
  • Combination Units
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Border Crossing

Customized programs for groups or specific areas can be arranged for both government or private industry. Number of students, location, and time of year will all be factors in determining the price. Please call for a quote.

Driving programs are based on a two-to-one ratio at all times. We do not jam six to twelve students in for pre-trips and air-brake training with one instructor delivering the course.

All programs are a stepping stone and individual needs will vary, including career choices.

Most clients reach only SGI minimum standard in the short programs, therefore thought and attention to future needs should be taken into consideration when booking programs so as to ensure you choose the most appropriate to your future endeavours.

Verify Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd.